Doritos Hits the Booze Scene: A Cheesy Surprise in Your Cup

Doritos Hits the Booze Scene: A Cheesy Surprise in Your Cup

It gets lively at snack time

Think about this: Nacho Cheese Doritos, those famously crunchy snacks, are taking a side trip to the liquor aisle. Yes, you did read that right. Even stranger than putting soda and popcorn together, a well-known brand of tortilla chips teamed up with Empirical Spirits to make a clear liquor with 84 proof. It’s not a cheap trick either; it’s the real deal. Think of the taste and smell without the crunch. We were lucky that the crunch didn’t get into the drink mix.

From salty to sweet: Doritos in a bottle

Doritos with nacho cheese have been satisfying snack needs for almost 50 years, and now they’re going somewhere new. With this strange partnership with Empirical Spirits, that beloved cheesy taste is being turned into an exciting drink. Not like other alcohols, this one takes your taste buds on a wild ride unlike anything you’ve tried before. What do you know? That’s good.

The Flavor Master Who Makes the Magic Happen

Say hello to Lars Williams. He is the genius who made this amazing thing possible. Williams began his career as a chef and self-proclaimed “flavor wizard” at Noma. In 2017, he co-founded Empirical. Is that his job? Making spirits that don’t fit into neat little groups. Don’t worry about the rules that gin, rum, and whisky have. When it comes to “uncategorized” spirits, Williams and his team can try new things and push the limits like crazy flavor scientists.

Creating the Un-categorizable with Empirical Spirits

Empirical Spirits isn’t like other distilleries. It’s a place where flavor rebels can play. Since Lars Williams has a background in cooking, he chose to leave the known and explore the “uncategorized.” There are no rules or limits, just pure creativity when making spirits that don’t follow the rules. So, when Doritos decided to get into the spirits business, Empirical was the perfect company to work with.

Not Your Average Drink, Doritos Liquor

Let’s talk about the main event: the Doritos liquor. This one-of-a-kind creation isn’t just a way to boost sales; it’s a journey through taste. Picture the familiar smell of Nacho Cheese Doritos coming from your glass. Prepare for a surprise as you take a sip. Going against what most people think liquor should taste like is a brave thing to do. But that’s part of the fun—you never know what will happen.

Breaking the Mold: Experiments with Flavors

If you can change things up, why settle for the same old thing? Lars Williams leads Empirical Spirits, which is all about breaking the rules. Since they only sell “uncategorized” spirits, they don’t have to follow the rules of normal alcohol. Tastes can go crazy, and people can be as creative as they want. So, when Doritos decided to join the fast-paced world, they picked a partner who loves the unknown.

There’s more to the Doritos liquor than just a cheap trick. It shows what can happen when you mix flavors. Because of Lars Williams’s magic and Empirical’s willingness to try new things, we now have a taste of something strange: Nacho Cheese Doritos in a bottle. It’s time to break the rules and drink something special! Happy drinking!