Grubhub 2023 Recap: Your Year in Takeout

So, it’s that time of year when everything gets wrapped up in neat little summaries, right? Well, Grubhub got a report, “2023 Delivered,” that’s all about our eating habits. No, they’re not suggesting you move cities based on your playlist. Instead, they’re serving up a dishy recap of what we all devoured this year.

Spice Up Your Life

 Turns out, Americans were all about the heat this year. Picture this: 91,000 folks added Sriracha to their meals. Seems like that whole shortage thing made us crave it even more. Top spicy picks included:

  • Spicy potato soft tacos
  • Spicy chicken sandwich
  • Spicy tuna roll
  • Hot and sour soup
  • Drunken noodles

No word on how many Tums were ordered to handle the heat, unfortunately.

Fries and Soda Reign Supreme 

French fries were the ultimate sidekick, ordered by over 600,000 peeps. And get this – they paired it with salad. Yeah, we’re all about that balance. Wash it all down with a cold Diet Coke, which saw a 17% surge in office orders this year.

Midnight Munchies and Java Jolts

 Late-night coffee runs were all the rage, with night owls demanding over 10 million cups of Joe. And guess what? We went old school and asked for dairy milk in those cups. Also, we munched through 6.9 million pickles, thanks to TikTok’s obsession.

Surprise, Surprise on the Dinner Table

 Hawaiian pizza had a moment, with a whopping 33% spike in pineapple-topped pie orders. Even Pinterest noticed a surge in pineapple searches. Tropical vibes, anyone?

Unpredictability: The Year’s Theme

 Last year, it was all about burritos and cheeseburgers. This time? Nope. Grubhub’s saying we threw predictability out the window. The vibe was all about breaking the norm and trying new things.

Get Your Own Scoop

 Want a peek into your own hot sauce-covered journey? Grubhub’s sending out personalized “2023 Delivered” reports via email today. And hey, if all this talk about spicy wings has you drooling, they’ve got a deal with Buffalo Wild Wings – 50% off on wings, up to $10 off until December 12th. Dinner’s sorted!

So, whether you were into spice or pineapples on pizza, 2023 was all about mixing it up and trying new flavors. Grubhub’s got the receipts to prove it!